Who Said Things Are Dull

Picture of shopWork is never dull, Murrey & Linda are the proud owners of M&L Sharpening Ltd. which opened it's doors on June 1, 1990, in Ajax. Oh, and by the way, we must not forget Skippy our dog who lets us know when we have a customer at the counter. We sharpen a wide range of cutting tools, from the household items, axe, knives, scissors, gardening tools, industrial items such as blades used for cutting paper, wood, metal, rubber, foil, cardboard, plastics & many more.
Every household has cutting tools of one kind or another. A lot of people think that when they are dull, you throw them out and buy new. Now they know where to go.



Plotter Blades

Finally a Way to Cut Cost and Vinyl.

VisionPicture of Plotter Blades

At M&L Sharpening, we like all businesses, attempt to keep up with the ever changing demands of the business community and to seek new opportunities for expanding our business. Over the past 15 years, a special technique has been developed, which allows us to sharpen vinyl cutting plotter blades.

Cost Benefits

To buy 10 plotter blades a year @ $40-$60 each = $400-$600.

To sharpen 10 plotter blades a year @ $10 each = $100.

Cost savings direct to bottom line = $300-$500.

Why Not Recycle

Send us those old plotter blades which are collecting dust on your shelves, and try out this sharpening process.

What Do You Have To Lose?

Can You Afford Not To Put 400% On You Bottom Line?



Sales and service

Picture of carbide saw blade


Clipper Blades:
Fabric shears
Chef knives
Pinking shears
Boning knives
Beauty shears
Barber shears
Animal Grooming shears
Household scissors
Scalloped knives
Fillet knives


Starrett Bandsaw

Starret Bandsaw


Bandsaw custom cut and welded to size, sales & service.


Types of blades:

Carbon Flex Back Hardened Tooth




Meatcutter-Stainless Steel


Carbide Saw Blades

Picture of carbide saw blade


We sharpen all styles of carbide blades from 1" to 32" in dia.



Standard Saw Blades

Picture of standard blade


We sharpen standard blades from 1" to 32" in dia.



Cold cut Blades & H.S.S

Picture of H.S.S Blade



We sharpen cold cut and H.S.S blades.




Friction Blades

Picture of Friction Blade




We sharpen Friction blades from 1" to 21" in dia.




Picture of slitter



Sales and services, sharpen most styles of crush cutters & slitters as singles or in sets, also custom rads.






M&L Sharpening Ltd. * 1550 Bayly Street, Unit #22
Pickering * Ontario * Canada * L1W 3W1
Phone: 905-831-4188 * Fax: 905-831-4196



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